Online Career Accelerator Scam Review for Online Learners and Job Seekers

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E-learners ask for an Online Career Accelerator review frequently. 

Online Career Accelerator scam reviews are necessary to consider, both for those interested in looking for a remote job or those considering taking Online Career Accelerator courses. Do you desire to understand why these three questions – Is Online Career Accelerator legit, worth it, a scam? – are so frequently asked.

You want to know if you have made a great choice with the Online Career Accelerator e-learning digital marketing platform to spend your time and money learning digital marketing courses and career development. 

In this article, we offer an updated review of Online Career Accelerator. First from an online learner perspective, and then from a job seeker perspective.

To do this, we have searched the internet for Online Career Accelerator reviews, discussions about how valuable the course is, and opinions about whether Online Career Accelerator courses are any good.

What is an Online Career Accelerator?

An Bui created a 10-week program - Online Career Accelerator, to encourage individuals with or without experience in getting a remote in digital marketing through Online Career Accelerator. The organization has built up a course generally for career development. They advise down-to-earth digital marketing abilities who wish to have a top to bottom digital marketing experience. In this course, you will learn a few uncommon roads of marketing include:

  • Rudiments of Digital promoting
  • Instructions to get paid $10,000+ each month
  • Instructions to haggle for a 6-figure advanced promoting compensation
  • Progressed Facebook Ads
  • Progressed SEO
  • Progressed Email Marketing
  • WordPress
  • Email showcasing
  • Website improvement

An Bui will explain every road in intensive detail. He utilizes measurements to back up his cases and give you a more precise comprehension of why he has a favorable opinion of this field.

Not exclusively does An show you each aspect of computerized advertising, he likewise trains both of your primary things to set you up for accomplishment in your profession:

  • Instructions to find a new line of work
  • How to get your customers

In Online Career Accelerator discusses worksheets, talks about readiness, what to say, and how to dress. The best thing is, one of the modules, An Bui walks you through the bit by bit interaction of building your site and creating your insight.

He shows you how to use that task to land the position. An Bui will additionally tell you the best way to utilize that as your clear-cut advantage in your new employee screening. On the customer side of things, he strolls you through the way toward getting customers and records it on record. I don't have the foggiest idea about some other course that does this.

He likewise shares the entirety of the best outsourcing networks/stages for you to get customers from, not simply UpWork.

Online Career Accelerator Review for e-Learners and Job Seekers

We will start with the student’s view of the Online Career Accelerator. As a potential learner, you might be overwhelmed by the hype on Online Career Accelerator, and even after reading some course reviews you may still be questioning, is Online Career Accelerator worth it? Is it a legit learning experience? Or, should you go with another online learning platform like Skillshare or Coursera?

After all, there are now dozens of online learning platforms to choose from. So why choose Online Career Accelerator?

Is Online Career Accelerator Legit?

Quora and Reddit are packed with similar questions to this, with many e-learners also asking “is Online Career Accelerator any good?”. Even after several years of high growth, success, and brand recognition, some buyers are still doubtful whether an e-learning platform like Online Career Accelerator provides supposedly valuable digital marketing content that is legit.

They usually wonder if the Online Career Accelerator course is a scam. Let’s look at some common concerns.

Benefits of Online Career Accelerator

  1. Low Priced Courses – Online Career Accelerator provides the student a choice to make one payment of $997 or two payments of $597. Upon completion of the purchase, access to the full course is given which includes resume writing and a cover letter template directly sent to the student’s email. Because the customer immediately receives the digital product as it is purchased. The price tag and more are worthwhile. You are getting a good deal, and the value you got from the program was worth the effort and time. They will give you full access to the training program, one on one mentoring, and coaching. The course even provides you checklists, scripts, and interview recordings for digital marketing jobs. A genuine education that students undergo once they sign up for the course. This program is worth the price. Absolutely!
  2. Private Facebook Group Community - Another great thing about An Bui’s program is that you will be a part of a Facebook group full of other digital marketers who have taken An’s course or are an expert that can offer some sage advice. You discuss new tactics, questions you are stuck on, and even network for job opportunities. If you did not realize it by now, no one makes it on their own—we come together to create a community of success. If you ever joined a sports team, you just naturally improve because everyone's doing the same thing. Now apply this concept and to Digital marketing. You’re inside a community with absolutely killer marketers who do marketing every day, and inside a community of people that are working remotely, where you can network and ask questions. This is why Online Career Accelerator is absolutely the best program to be a part of.

3.Good with ZERO experience - Whether you are a complete beginner with no experience or someone trying to change careers, Online Career Accelerator will teach you all the things you need to learn in digital marketing. From beginning up to the end. The program aims to educate modern digital marketing to the ins and outs. This course is ideal for everyone because it gives you some main lessons you need to know to shine in digital marketing.

4.Earn as much as $12,000 per Month - Around many individuals have finished the program, and they have been effectively ready to get a new line of work earning from $5,000 to $12,000 in digital marketing. 

Reasons Online Career Accelerator IS Worth It

Here’s a list of top reasons why Online Career Accelerator IS worth your time and money.

OnlineCareerAccelerator offers basic and advanced training that will help you boost your career. 

OnlineCareerAccelerator has a wide variety of courses to choose from. If you are a beginner with no prior experience of how to work from home or no prior skills, they have a course on how to write an effective cover letter and eye-catching resume. How to introduce yourself to a potential client, and even what are relevant things you can tell your recruiter during an interview. They will also guide you in the basics of SEO, Google Ads, Email Marketing, and many more. 

A Cheaper Alternative for University Degree

There are lots of people who opted to drop out of school so they can provide food at the table. Many have missed out on the many opportunities and benefits that a degree could provide. Once they realized that they like to have the knowledge these degree holders have, they are either tied up to the current job they have to provide for their family or do not have the energy to pursue University studies. Online Career Accelerator is the best option for them. It will teach them all the necessary skills that a University could provide and more. Aside from that, not only professors will teach the courses but esteemed professionals and experts who have worked in this field for a while. 

Guaranteed to make you money

Hundreds of students have taken this course and successfully secured a job that pays them $5,000 to $12,000 per month in digital marketing. They earned more than their previous jobs. Some have even established businesses because of how much their earnings have grown. Though again, this is not one of those get-rich-quick schemes since your perseverance will determine your success in this field. Once the lessons have been given and taught, it is up to you to work through them to start the life you have designed for yourself. 

Positive Online Career Accelerator Reviews from eLearners and Jobseekers

"I finally had my phone call from a firm. He offered me the job and I happily accepted the offer! I used your negotiation tactic and just got the offer letter today with a $10K higher salary! I’m so excited about my new job. Thanks for everything!"

"I have now started a trial internship with a digital marketing agency. Pearl Lemon! Thank you An Bui your resume and interview tips really helped!! Following his instruction definitely leads to results! Keep it up, everyone!"

"I completed the course and I just got through an interview with a pretty reputable digital marketing agency. Pretty excited but I’m having mixed feelings about how I did."

"After finishing the course I just had an interview for a paid search specialist position! Thank you, Online Career Accelerator and An Bui."

"I’d like to thank everyone and especially An Bui for all the help in landing me this job and I couldn't be happier with the amount of success I’ve been receiving."


If you want to advance your digital knowledge by studying for a degree or develop your career opportunities by studying on a digital marketing specialization program, then Online Career Accelerator is definitely the right platform for you. 

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